Local Casinos in Saskatchewan

Are you going to Saskatchewan province and you want to find a good way to entertain yourself and have a good time? Are you wondering how locals spend their free time and where they find fun and entertainment? Well, Canadians like gambling! Besides several local places where you can enjoy gambling, drinks and food, also you can try Saskatchewan online casino if you are not a fan of a suite and the dress code you must follow. In this article, we will present the three most visited and three best land-based casinos in Saskatchewan that you should visit and enjoy the authentic gambling!


Casino Regina

In 1996, Casino Regina was among the first gambling places in this province and it was built at the Union Railway Station, to make things easier for people who just arrive in this province. November floor fun is an authentic promotion for all new players who plant to spend some time in this casino where you can win $250 and use these funds to start your gambling adventure!

The railway theme is to remind you of a place. Still, you can enjoy more than 800 different slot machines, 9 poker table rooms and more than 30 different other table games where you will be able to chase your luck and win money!

Besides the entertainment, you can explore the jail cells in the basement of the casino, which were used as the underground passage system that stretches to the Hotel Saskatchewan. The place employs more than 650 people at the moment, offers the VIP lounge and a couple of notable and distinguished restaurants.

Bear Claw Casino and Hotel

Bear Claw Casino and Hotel occupy around 30,000 square feet of the space where you can play on more than 130 slot machines and 4 table games, while you can enjoy your stay in one of 35 hotel rooms! The place started working in 1993 but was shut down due to the problems with legality and gambling regulations, but it was opened three years later again and it has been working since. In 2010, it was completely renovated.

Although not big like some other places, it has an amazing surrounding and it is one of the most popular casino's resorts in Canada, which is confirmed by the fact that more than 100,000 people flows through it! The casino has a regularly updated event calendar and you can always bump into the interesting event that takes place in this suite. There are many cool bonuses for new players to get every day!

Living Sky Casino

If you are looking for a place where you can gamble, but also enjoy high-quality and fancy food, then Living Sky Casinos is your number one destination in Saskatchewan! The overall worth of a place is more than $35 million, which you can reach easily by Trans-Canada Highway by the way, and you can enjoy a lot of a great time in there! Whatever you are looking for, you will find it there!

Whether you want to taste the great and delicious cuisine, enjoy fantastic music and art performances of famous artists, sleep or simply gamble in peace, this 60,000 square feet complex will give you everything at a reasonable price! It features the authentic and unique Native American design, Horizons Restaurant and Sky Centre! This $35 million casino is a place that visits not only gamblers but also the business people who attend various conventions and events in this place!