Gambling Regulations In Manitoba

In Manitoba, an Internet connection and a reliable casino platform is everything needed to access a virtual world of casino excitement. This is a wonderful land with over 100 thousand of lakes compared to six land-based gambling venues located over the region. At the same time, locals can benefit from numerous online casino offers available for Manitoba gamblers.


In brief, this part of local entertainment is regulated by four legislative acts. These are The Liquor, Gaming, and Cannabis Control Act, The Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation Act, Order-in-Council No. 110/2014, and Consumer Protection Act. Accordingly, if you decided to try your luck in this central part of Canada, we highly recommend you read the provisions of mentioned laws before making your bet.

Online Gambling 

There is no doubt that Manitoba is a province that embraces numerous online gambling options. If you were wondering whether gambling is legal in this western Canadian province, the answer is: yes, it is absolutely legal. 

Online casino experience in the region is provided by the PlayNow. This gambling platform is a creation of Manitoba Lotteries and the British Columbia Lottery Corporation partnership. Their official product has overcome several stages of development, design management, and testing before being launched in Manitoba in 2013. Today, PlayNow is still the most wide-used gambling website of the region allowing players to participate in sports betting, casino games, and online poker whenever they want to.

All of the gambling activities are overseen and detailed by the Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba operating since 2014. To make sure you do not miss a thing on the topic, you should consider getting familiar with Manitoba online casino regulation.


Horse Racing 

All operations linked with the horse racing sports in the province are regulated by the Manitoba Horse Racing Commission, The MHRC operates since 1965 but in 2005 the Horse Racing Regulation Act was repealed, which have influenced the current state of this market. The change of the Horse Racing Commission gave the MHRC the power to only regulate off-track betting facilities offering both horse betting and live betting.  

The only type of horse racing betting controlled on the federal level is pari-mutuel betting; all other aspects of the sector are regulated only by the local authorities. The list of horse racing industry facilities in Manitoba includes Dauphin Fairgrounds, Deloraine Fairgrounds, Glenboro Fairgrounds, Holland Fairgrounds, Killarney Fairgrounds, Miami Fairgrounds, Rossburn Fairgrounds, Wawanesa Fairgrounds, and Portage Industrial Exhibition.

Despite these several rural facilities located across the province, the only permanent track for races in Manitoba remains to be the Assiniboia Downs.  



Starting from the 1970s, the Western Canada Lottery Corporation offers Manitoba residents lottery tickets and scratch-off cards. The lottery history of Manitoba started with the celebration of the 100th anniversary from the date the province was created. From the very beginning, this province was a part of the Western Canada Lottery Corporation. Today, however, Manitoba holds a shared liquidity deal only with British Columbia Lottery Corporation since 2012.

In 2018, BC exited the WCLC partnership, so now all video lottery terminals in the province are regulated by the Manitoba Lotteries Corporation. Also, it is the MLC that distributes and sells the tokens for the WCLC lotteries. All lottery ticket retailers can be purchased online or at licensed retailers regulated by the Manitoba Gaming Control Commission since 2010 as per legislative amendments. They define the process starting from the games’ licensing and the list of allowed types of lotterries up to consumer rights protection.


Sports Betting

Sports betting in the province is charged by The Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Commission also known as MLL. It merged in 2012 and offers users a great range of options to choose from. Basically, 4 main sports markets are operating in Manitoba, namely the Pro-Line, Point-Spread, Pro-Pick Pools, and Pro-Pick Props. All mentioned betting platforms can be easily accessed through the, an official online casino platform available for the residents of British Columbia and Manitoba.

Another key thing to know is that these four markets share one common feature, namely the parleys. Parleys mean that every gambler can bet up to $250 daily on several sporting event outcomes, but he is obliged to bet on at least two sports events. In Manitoba, as well as all over Canada, betting on a single sports event is stated illegal. As for the minimum age of wagers, you can put a wager only if you are over 19 years old.