Types of Gaming In New Brunswick

Although the area of New Brunswick embraces a tiny piece of Canada’s total area, the number of betting enthusiasts of the province should be counted. New Brunswick online gambling laws are regulated and overseen by the Gaming Control Branch which is a division of the province’s Department of Public Safety. In its turn, this official establishment operates closely with the New Brunswick Lotteries and Gaming Corporation. 


Local punters have the chance to be engaged in several types of betting activities, such as casinos, video lottery, lottery gaming, charitable gaming, and harness racing. In addition to the licensed betting entertainment, New Brunswick residents who enjoy spending time gambling have the option to gamble with offshore-based online sports leagues, casinos, and poker rooms. 

Casino Gaming

In terms of legal casino activity, New Brunswick has one of the shortest histories among Canadian provinces. To illustrate, the first Nova Scotian casino license mentioned in the criminal code of Canada was granted in 2008. At the moment, there are two tribal casino facilities in operation – these are Casino New Brunswick and Grey Rock Casino.

Since 2015, the first world-class entertainment amenity as mentioned is successfully operated by a Great Canadian Gaming Corporation private operator. The GC also operates recreation and hospitality facilities in British Columbia, Ontario, Nova Scotia, and Washington State. New Brunswick casino destination traditionally offers slots, electronic table games, and poker. 

As for the region’s second casino, the Grey Rock Casino went live in 2015. If you are struggling to score with generous progressive jackpots, then there is no place better than Grey Rock Casino. If you plan to play regularly, this facility also has a reward program with numerous discounts, special offers, promotions, and access to some of the exclusively held events at Grey Rock betting resort.

Video Lottery

Video Lottery Terminals are recognized as interactive games of chance with the pleasant chance of cash prizes. Reasonably, they are similar to slot machines with their reel slots and Keno feature. The difference between both is that VLTs connect to a centralized network system that defines the result of each better applying a method of random number generating.

VLTs' first licenses entered both Atlantic Canada's pubs and eateries and New Brunswick's liquor establishments in 1990. Now, approximately 2,000 VLTs are operating in New Brunswick; all of them are administered by the Atlantic Lottery Corporation. The Gaming Control Branch is still accountable for the regulation of VLTs in the province. 

Hence, the number of VLTs and registration requirements for VLT sites are strictly regulated according to the current local program's limits. For instance, in 2010, the highest number of possible operating VLT sites in New Brunswick dropped from over 600 in 2010 to a maximum of 300 up to the date.                                                              

Lottery Gaming

Since the very first lottery draw that was held by New Brunswick in 1976, local lottery operations have been continuously managed by the Atlantic Lottery Corporation.

The ALC corporation is shared between New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Prince Edward Island provinces. This Atlantic crown partnership offers scratch&win tickets, video lottery terminals, Pro-Line sports betting, online bingo, and instant win games.

 As for the most popular ALC draw games, they are currently represented by Lotto Max, Lotto 6/49, Daily GRAND, Atlantic 49, Salsa Bingo, Bucko, and Keno Atlantic. The Atlantic Lottery Corporation has a website that features ticket sales for above-listed entertainments and several chosen online bingo and immediate win games.

Across New Brunswick, draw and scratch games can be purchased almost everywhere whilst lottery tickets and games are accessible at more than 1,000 licensed lottery retailers. With no efforts, residents can play the lottery over their phones or online.

Charitable Gaming

The Gaming Control Branch governs charitable gaming in New Brunswick since 1980. This type of gaming activity is used for the relief of poverty, education, the advancement of religion or be beneficial to the community in ar demonstrable way. In the province, it can be handled by charitable and religious organizations in case they have previously obtained the official permit to organize the event. 

According to New Brunswick's provincial governments, charitable gaming can be supplemented with bingo events, breakopen ticket sales, raffles, and Monte Carlo events. Furthermore, following a prolonged battle with the authorities, nonprofits are now also allowed to host poker tournaments.

Bingo is perhaps the most popular option from the list, so there are several stable locations in the province where bingo is traditionally played. The list includes St Mary’s Entertainment Centre, Hay Market Bingo, Union St Bingo, Grey Rock Casino, Irishtown Bingo, and Saint John Exhibition Association.

Harness Racing

The last in our list, but far not the least regarding its popularity, is New Brunswick harness racing events. Today, there are three racetracks in the province designed for harness racing action - Fredericton Raceway, Exhibition Park Raceway in Saint John, and Woodstock Driving Club.

Fans from all around the world can access their favorite show since the 1830s. Talking about legal matters of pari-mutuel wagering on horse racing in Canada, it is regulated by the Canadian Parimutuel Agency later coupled with the regulation of Maritime Provinces Harness Racing Commission. 

Gaming and sports betting activities in New Brunswick are governed by the province's Gaming Control Act, according to which the New Brunswick Lotteries and Gaming Corporation is given the responsibility to manage all regulated gaming and provincial lottery. 

However, when it comes to Harness Racing in the province, it must be said that NBLGC and the Gaming Control Branch have no responsibility for the contested market segment.